They look like plasters, feel like plasters, and are seemingly made from the same material as plasters. Yet actresses like Rene Russo, Honor Blackman and Ursula Andress say they swear by Frownies.
Eluned tries Frownies. Touted as Hollywood's beauty secret for over 100 years, the anti-wrinkle patches flew off shelves after Russo sang their praises in an interview with Good Housekeeping magazine four years ago, with sales rocketing from £110,500 a year to £1.1million.


NEW! Frownies Face Lift in a Bag™ Hollywoods best kept skin care secret.
This practical, easy-to-maintain skincare regimen incorporates the proven power of Frownies Facial Pads PLUS biologically active antioxidants, natural extracts and hydrators to guarantee visible results in as little as 14 days!
(1) Frownies Facial Pads FBE 144 count
(1) Frownies Facial Pads CEM 144 count
(1) Frownies pH Balancing Complexion Wash 4 oz.
(1) Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray 2 oz.
(1) Frownies Immune Perféct 2 oz.
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Retail value: $143.99 SOLD OUT

Frownies for the Forehead and Between the Eyebrows (FBE)
144 count
Price: $19.95 Your Cost: SOLD OUT

Frownies for the Corners of the Eyes and Mouth (CEM) 144 count
Price: $19.95 Your Cost: SOLD OUT

Frownies and Hydrator Combo
(1) Frownies Facial Pads FBE 192 count
(1) Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray 2 oz.
Price: $29.95 Your Cost: Sold OUT

Frownies pH Balancing Complexion Wash 4 oz.
Price: $18.95 Your Cost: Sold Out

Frownies Immune Perféct 2 oz.
Price: $65.00 Your Cost: SOLD OUT

Frownies Immune Shield 2 oz.
Price: $59.00 Your Cost:Sold OUT

April 24, 2005

Dayton, OH - The May 2005 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, on newsstands now, has named Frownies(R) facial patches the "Easiest Wrinkle Reducer."

Good Housekeeping magazine is celebrating its 120th anniversary by featuring a "Best of Everything" list. GH says, "These stick-ons (Frownies) help pull skin taut so that your wrinkles will look a little smoother over time. Put them on before you go to bed...and you'll emerge with fewer lines on your face." See:

GH editor-in-chief Ellen Levine also featured Frownies on ABC's Good Morning America Tuesday, April 19. See:

Frownies facial patches are a natural skin care product that forms a splint holding the visible layer of skin smooth and flat overnight while the skin cells reposition themselves to support natural, smooth, healthy-looking skin. Frownies can be used on the forehead and between the eyes, also on the corners of the eyes and corners of the mouth.

Frownies diminish the visible signs of aging effectively and naturally, no harsh injections. Add Frownies to your anti-aging skin care regime as a Botox® alternative.



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